International Studies in Phenomenology and Philosophy

Peter Steiner

Professor of Slavic languages and literatures at the University of Pennsylvania. His major areas of research are literary theory and modern Slavic literature and culture. He is a highly respected specialist of Russian formalism and Prague structuralism.

Divergence vs. convergence: Moretti, Tynyanov, Jakobson


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Tropos logikos: Gustav Shpet's philosophy of history


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Russian formalism: A metapoetics


Ithaca, Cornell University Press

The Prague school: Selected writings, 1929-1946



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E. Holenstein, Roman Jakobsons phänomenologischer strukturalismus: Structures and phenomena


with Steiner Wendy

PTL: A Journal for Descriptive Poetics and Theory of Literature 3

The sign: Semiotics around the world


with Matejka Ladislav, Bailey Richard (ed)

Ann Arbor, Michigan Slavic Publications